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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EBAY FIND #3 Oregon for IKE Sticker

This bumper sticker pops up from time to time on ebay when you search for Oregon political memorabilia. It is bright orange...very bright orange in person.It was made by Oregon Citizens for Eisenhower Committee--Oregon City, Oregon for either the 1952 or 56 campaign. I can't be sure for which. Republican Dwight Eisenhower beat Democrat Adlai Stevenson both in 1952 and 1956.

Eisenhower won 66%-38% in '52 and actually performed worse in '56 with a 55%-44% victory. 1956 was an interesting year in Oregon politics as Oregon Senator Wayne Morse had defected from the Republican Party and was running against former Oregon Governor Douglas McKay as a Democrat. It seems though most voters would prefer to split their vote between the two parties and send both men back to Washington D.C. that year. The article 'Like Ike, Morse at Same Time? That's Top Question in Oregon' from the Sarasota Journal offers an neat perspective into the dynamics of the race in '56.

This item is being offered on EBAY right now. I have seen it sell from anywhere between $5-$15 dollars. For a nearly 60 year old item they have all been in good shape. I own two myself. Look like what they would have looked like had you marched down to your local Ike HQ and picked one up during the actual election.
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