Down the Ballot

Friday, April 23, 2010

Polling Local Politics


This is the poll results for Oregon State Senate candidate Steve Griffith. What the poll says about Griffith and his chances in his senate district are not as interesting to me as what Republicans are thinking about incumbent representatives.

The poll participants responded to how they viewed the three candidates. 54% of respondents said they were unfamiliar with State Senator Richard Devlin. If Republicans are banking on dissatisfaction of Democrats to get them into office how can they allow this? Shouldn't they be attempting to frame the discussion to convince voters that that those incumbents are not serving the people? If Republicans were convincing voters in Oregon that Democrats were doing a poor job, that 54% would be a lot lower and Senator Devlin's unfavorable rating should be a lot higher.

What this poll shows me right now is that neither Mr. Griffith or Mrs. Kremer have much of a chance in November.
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