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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tell Me What You Think 'Obamacare' is, I'd really like to figure it out.

So what exactly is Obamacare? Who comes up with this stuff? I don't recall Obama being an M.D. or a porter like Peter Mayhew was in his early days. Maybe if Howard Dean were president it would make some sense, "I ain't going to take this Deancare!" It would actually sound really cool if Bill Frist were president, 'Fristcare'. It just sounds kinky. Seriously though what do Tea Party people think is happening in the country? Healthcare is a largely private venture. Most of us fall under private healthcare plans that our employers sign us up for. All this healthcare bill is saying is that, "YOU MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE OR ELSE". It lets Sorority Sally stay on mothers health insurance plan until she is 26. Which is good because lots of college students have really crappy health insurance plans provided through their student fees that don't cover a whole lot. Just two of the many things this legislation set forth to do. We really wont be able to determine how effective this legislation will be until after 2014 when all of the measures within the legislation have come to full effect. Now we must sit and wait and hope our leaders didn't just hand us over to the health insurance companies.

It seems Obamacare is probably a bad name for a bill that dealt more with insurance rather than health care. Maybe Obamasure would have been a better name.

Bill Moyers has been going to great lengths to get answers about all the 'reform' talk that has been in Washington for the last year. Listen to him interview a former health insurance big wig. Wendell Potter finally had the revelation that people need health care. They need good health care that actually offers care as opposed to administrative roadblocks that deny coverage.

Moyers also held a discussion on his show between the various groups within the reform movement that came to heads before the vote. There were those like Potter who believed that the bill should just be passed as is and those who believed that a reform that did not include a 'public option' was no real reform at all. Below is a good overview before the vote occurred.

So will this reform save us money? Or are we just flushing our money down just a more bigger toilet than before? Only time will tell. 2014 seems a long way away though.
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