Down the Ballot

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Go Vote Oregon

If I could give you all kisses or gold stars or pats on the back I would. At this point there have been some 60,000 ballots returned for the upcoming election. That's about 20,000 more votes than we were at this point in 2006. I hope this is a good indication that we'll have an even better turn out than we did in 2006.

I really don't care who you end up voting for at the end of the day...ok small lie; but you know what I mean. For some of you the decisions at the ballot will be tough, you'll agonize, you'll tabulate and you'll nitpick. For others the decisions will be easier. Some of you will not like any of the choices provided to you this cycle. Again, I can relate with that too. If I could make a suggestion to those of you that may be feeling a bit sour towards politics or political candidates and campaigns.

Write in someone you know that you think would make a fine public servant. That write in line is basically what I like to call the 'no excuse' line. There is no excuse for not filling out your ballot unless there is a mishap that is not coming from your end. Those of you who believe none of the candidates aren't worth voting for I want you to open your ballot and write in the names of people who are worth voting for. You know them. They are your friends, co-workers, and family 'that do good deeds...we call deed doers'

Maybe there is an English teacher in Silverton, Oregon that would make a great State Superintendent of Education, a friend who is an engineer by trade that might make a good member of the city council, a mom, a dad, a friend who could use a job. Bottom Line, you know someone worth voting for. So don't tell yourself there isn't a good choice.

Are the people we vote for just names on a ballot or are they a reflection of the type of government we want? Hard to say exactly; but if you vote and or write in people you respect and admire for public office how bad of a government could it be at the end of the day?

So please, turn in that ballot, read your voters pamphlet, go to some websites and even if you still aren't convinced to vote for someone who has a line on that ballot go vote for someone you wouldn't need any convincing to vote for on the write in line.

Best of Luck to you folks.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

EBAY FIND #4 Unander Cards

A recent find from Oregon's political past are these postcard sized handouts with photos of Oregon State Treasurer Sig Unander and his wife Vivian. These were produced for the 1962 U.S. Senate race against Democratic Senator Wayne Morse.

Unander had twice been elected State Treasurer of Oregon in 1952 and 1956. He was a Lt. Colonel in World War II and participated in the D-Day invasion. In 1962 he fended off five other Republicans, including Congressman Dr. Edwin Durno. He beat out the other candidates by taking just 50% of the vote, Durno came in second taking 34%.

The Fall election featured Cuba as one of the main campaign issues. Unander would attempt to label Morse an appeaser of the communists in Cuba. Unander, the Republican, touted his support of President Kennedy on the Cuban crisis. Morse on the other hand spent a lot of his time talking about all the public works projects he had sent to Oregon. Time magazine did an interesting story leading up to the general election on the differences between the two men. Oregon: The Hare &. the Tortoise. At the end of the campaign Morse beat Unander 54%-45%. Unander would not be the man to beat Morse, that would be left to Bob Packwood six years later.

I have yet to encounter much from the 1962 campaign from either candidate. I was actually quite amazed to find these on ebay. I took them home for a dollar. Some person in Eugene is selling a bumper sticker, but is probably a little out there on the price. Every now and then someone gives me this button which actually looks pretty neat. I'd love to know why Unander selected the slogan "Get Action for Oregon!" The campaign must have attempted to paint Wayne Morse as a man of inaction, which the voters clearly did not agree with. On a style note his glasses are pretty cool.