Down the Ballot

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ebay Find #5 PSU for Dukakis

The year was 1988, Mike Dukakis made a stop at Portland State University for a last minute GOTV Portland Rally. This button is from that event. You can watch some of that rally on the link "Portland Rally". "We're taking our case to the American people. He's trying to keep Dan Quayle away from the American people" lots of other great zingers in their from my mentor Mike Dukakis. Enjoy the rally, relive Portland in the fall of 1988.

This button had made its way to Minnesota since the '88 campaign. The fella I purchased it from was very nice and gave me a great deal at $6.00. A great single day event button with a wonderful rose in the center signaling that Portland is the Rose City. My guess is the Democratic Party of Oregon produced this pin.

In the crowd you can see lots of people behind Dukakis, Congressmen Les AuCoin, Secretary of State Barbara Roberts, Carrie Fisher, John Larroquette and many others. Then Governor Neil Goldschmidt also speaks before Dukakis. To see that you'll have to watch the entire event. Governor Dukakis once shared with me that his favorite moment campaigning in Oregon was right before he was to speak at this rally.

It had been a fairly rainy day, but just as I mounted the platform the sun came out bathed us all in warmth and light. It was a very special day.

Dukakis would go onto win Oregon on election day later that week by taking 51% of the vote to the Bush-Quayle's 46%. Vice President Bush would go on to win the presidency though with 426 electoral votes to Governor Dukakis' 111 votes.

This a great pin if you can find it. I have seen it twice on ebay since I started looking. There are some other Oregon Dukakis related items that come up more frequently than this pin.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Congrats Martinis for Monmouth!

Next time you are in Monmouth, Oregon you can go into a bar and order your favorite drink. Unless the bartender doesn't know how to make the drink you should be able to get it right then and there.

The residents of Monmouth passed Measure 27-101. It repeals the hard liquor prohibition that had been in effect for 157 years. The folks at Martinis for Monmouth should be pleased that finally you can order a Martini in Monmouth. You can read more about the victory at the Polk County Itemizer- Observer.