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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Election Over: Winners & Losers

2011 Elections are over...finally. Here's a run down of the winners and losers from the May results.

Losers: Everyone. Not to be snarky, but yeah we're all pretty much losers. Without change in any serious form all the school boards that re-elected incumbents or found themselves with some 'fresh meat' ready to be flattened by business as usual in the district will continue to putter along. Even after all the heads roll, and all the money is gone the 200 some Oregon school districts will still be doing business as usual. Don't get me wrong; I love government. I love government that works. Our current system of 200 school districts was built in a different time, and like our aging national infrastructure it is starting to show its age. What's the difference between a student in Lake Oswego and a student in Tualatin? What's the difference between a student in Eugene and Portland? There is no difference, so why do we need a school district for each? We have a Metro government why couldn't we have a Metro School Board? Serious consideration should be given to school district consolidation in the coming years, especially if the state plans on exerting more control of the powers of the purse and academic standards.

Winners:  People who graduated from an Oregon high school before Measure 5.
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