Down the Ballot

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steve Novick Back in the Saddle Again

Well everyone it looks like Oregon's fighter with a hard left hook is back to take on the challenges of turning ideas into policy. Today he announced his intention to run for Randy Leonard's seat on the Portland City Council. Leonard announced earlier he would not seek another term. Novick is the first entry ( and probably not the last).

Visit for more information on his campaign. Go like him on facebook too!

I've also put out some buttons to help celebrate Steve's return to electoral politics. Hope he does well on the campaign trail. I've made 4, here are two of them.

Novick Pins

Portland Soccer Fans for Novick

Novick for PDX 3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Llewtube: Wet Liberal Whenever Video Blog

One of my favorite actors, Robert Llewellyn, has been doing a video blog called Wet Liberal, the thoughts, opinions, pontifications, and sometimes mad rantings of a liberal. You might recognize Robert from the cult sci-fi television hit Red Dwarf where he played the series 4000 mechanoid named Kryten. He would eventually use his background as Kryten to review areas of science and technology called Machine of the Week.

The video blog entries are very good. They are real; you can tell they aren't rehearsed and when he genuinely makes a mistake he apologizes for those mistakes (something politicians should try and do). Hearing him talk about the right wing capitalistic society of America is also fascinating ;) He's also not a great fan of political correctness. Which scores him points in my book.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go Screen Yourself: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Season 1

Dr. Katz was a therapist to some of the most eccentric patients ever. He seemed to not be able to avoid these highly strange, neurotic individuals. They all had problems; all were somewhat successful celebrities. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist was an animated television series that aired from 1995-1999 on Comedy Central. It was in the trend of adult animation shows that were hitting the airwaves in the 90s. Once The Simpsons opened the door, shows like Dr. Katz started being produced.

The show utilized a  form of animation called 'Squigglevision' pioneered by animator Tom Snyder. Don't remember Squigglevision? Well here's a sampling from Dr. Katz talking with Patton Oswalt about Han Solo.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd GOP Debate

Cheryl Senter for The New York Times
Manchester, NH showcased seven of the Republican candidates for President in 2012. Nearly the whole gang was there last night for one of the most interactive presidential debates in US History. Facebook, twitter,, video conferencing were all utilized to help citizens and local media to participate in the debate. Every so often a code came up that you could take a picture of on your smartphone and get special behind the scenes goodies that only smartphone users could have access to.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oregon Outdoors: Dorman Pond

Many Oregonians have no idea how lucky they are, they rarely venture out of their comfortable surroundings and go out and explore the vastness of this great landscape. Camping, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and a myriad of other activities await the brave souls who venture out into Oregon. It's a wonderful place and you should know more about it. 

I suspect that many folks have not heard of Dorman Pond. If you are looking for a not too out of the way place to unload your rod and reel skills then you might consider making the 45 minute drive from Portland out towards the coast range to try the waters out. Trout are stocked in Dorman by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. You might also find yourself with a bass or bluegill attached to your line. If you enjoy fishing, birdwatching, canoeing, then you will enjoy Dorman Pond. There is a natural beauty to the pond and surroundings. On many trips out there I have seen people in non-motorized boats out enjoying the pond. With all the good things going for Dorman, there are a few downsides.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ebay Find #10: Wayne Morse a Great Senator

In the political collecting hobby there are different groups for all sorts of different political items. For instance, some political historians only collect items relating to Presidents and candidates for President from before they held that office. Items like Richard Nixon for Governor pins from his 1962 gubernatorial campaign or from his earlier campaigns for Congress or Vice President. Other collect 'coattail' items. Some of the most highly sought after coattail pins are FDR for President and LBJ for Senator, Woodrow Wilson for President and James M. Cox for Governor. There are many more different areas of the hobby. My general realm of collecting is Oregon related items which falls under the 'locals' category. The pin being featured today is a holy grail of Oregon locals. This is the only known Wayne Morse pin that ever featured his picture.
It is also one of the largest Wayne Morse pins out there coming in at 3.5" inches in diameter. As a Wayne Morse enthusiast I had to have this pin when I found it on ebay. I spent over my self imposed $10 dollar limit per pin, but it was worth the small extra I went over considering this pin has sold from $50 to over $100 dollars in past auctions.  This pin is now the centerpiece of my Wayne Morse display of a dozen or so buttons. I'm still looking for a Wayne Morse for President pin, but for now I can rest from one quest. The pin itself is either from 1968 or 1972.  A similar McGovern pin from 1972 can be found easily with the same design so some suspect the same company made them in 1972. Then again, there are enough differences that the Morse pin could be from 1968 and the McGovern pin is just an updated template. All in all, this was $18 dollars well spent. Famed political junkie Ken Rudin featured this pin on his political junkie column archived at the Washington Post.

1972 McGovern pin