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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Llewtube: Wet Liberal Whenever Video Blog

One of my favorite actors, Robert Llewellyn, has been doing a video blog called Wet Liberal, the thoughts, opinions, pontifications, and sometimes mad rantings of a liberal. You might recognize Robert from the cult sci-fi television hit Red Dwarf where he played the series 4000 mechanoid named Kryten. He would eventually use his background as Kryten to review areas of science and technology called Machine of the Week.

The video blog entries are very good. They are real; you can tell they aren't rehearsed and when he genuinely makes a mistake he apologizes for those mistakes (something politicians should try and do). Hearing him talk about the right wing capitalistic society of America is also fascinating ;) He's also not a great fan of political correctness. Which scores him points in my book.

You might be wondering what it means to be a 'Wet' Liberal. In Great Britain,  Wet Liberals were originally members of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party who opposed her policies. They generally supported stronger public spending from government. In the post Thatcher era it is now commonly used as a disparaging term for liberals and left-wing policies. Robert Llewellyn has taken the term and made it is badge of courage.

Here's Bobby's discussion of a Wet Liberal and what he thinks it means today.

When his video blog first started it was mostly just updates on life as a Wet-Liberal. With some personal updates and professional updates. As the format updated he started exploring more complex issues like global warming, public bailouts of private businesses and other hot button issues. 

Here's one of his best rants on cars and the oil industry. (Note not all his posts are like this, and of course there is foul language) 

You can find more Llewtube on YouTube! He's got a twitter account, and standard blog. Bobby's like most of us, we have hits and misses and Llewtube explores all them. So for the good, the funny, the insightful the bad, the crude and the smegging ugly go holly hop over for a visit.
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