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Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Great Movies

I figured I should post these. If you haven't seen these movies yet you should rent them, netflix, torrent, whatever it takes to see these films.

1. The Big One (1997)
What started in the latter part of the 80s was finally starting to catch up with the rest of the manufacturing industry in the United States. A patriotic American would assume that if the company you are working for is making record profits, why on Earth would they lay you off? Don't you think workers ought to be getting a pay raise for making the company so much profit? In a reasonable, rational world yes. In the real world. No. The outsourcing of America continues to this day, and the government that allowed it to happen hasn't done much to help the millions of struggling American families who have been economically abandoned.

Michael Moore does his usual great job of bringing to spotlight to these problems. A note to Oregonians, pay attention to the interview with Nike CEO Phil Knight.

2. Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)
"I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone... but they've always worked for me"-Hunter S. Thompson, Where the Buffalo Roam

Bill Murray, Peter Boyle, Bruno Kirby, and René Auberjonois bring to the screen amazing intersections of life, politics, drugs and Richard Nixon. Murray portrays gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. If all you have seen is Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, then you haven't seen anything yet. For me this movie really speaks to what our modern media really is, they are a money making machine that have an agenda (be it good or bad is up to viewers) contrast it with HST take and you see two radical different perspectives. This movie is well worth a watch, not only is it entertaining, but also insightful.

3. Carlton Browne of the F.O. (Man in a Cocked Hat)

Ever heard of Gaillardia? It is the tale of British colonial politics gone askew. The colonial governor of a long lost colony writes the F.O. (Foreign Office) for assistance. Patronage run amuck has left the feeble Carlton Browne (Terry Thomas) in charge of the problem. Prime Minister Amphibulos (Peter Sellers), Luciana Paluzzi (Princess Ilyena), Ian Bannen ( The King) and Thorley Walters
 (Colonel Bellingham) round out the cast of this early satire of John and Roy Boulting.

While Peter Sellers is great in this, I feel Terry-Thomas steals the show. For those of you unfamiliar with British talent you might recognize Thomas as 'Sir Hiss' from the Walt Disney 1973 adaption of Robin Hood which is my favorite Disney animated film from the 30s-70s era.


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