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Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Presidential Candidates You Are Not Hearing About

Here is a list of 5 Presidential candidates you don't hear about very much in the press.

 Governor Gary Johnson (L-NM)

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson entered the Republican primaries and soon found himself excluded from all but two presidential debates. Upset that it was not a fair and open process he decided it was time to leave the heard. He announced earlier this week he would seek the libertarian nomination. His campaign has raised nearly half a million dollars (as of September). Still maintain some popularity from his two terms as governor, he will make New Mexico interesting in the general election.

 Governor Buddy Roemer (R-LA)

Roemer is another Republican dark horse candidate that sadly has fallen off the media radar. Roemer also has an extensive resume with a stint in both Congress and the Louisiana State House as a Democrat and Republican. His campaign provides readers with a comparison card they drafted showing Roemer on the issues versus the other candidates. If Roemer does not fair well in the primaries there is talk that he may seek the Reform Party nomination.

 Dr. Jill Stein M.D. (G-MA)

Dr. Stein is a member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts. In 2005 and 2008 She was elected a meeting representative for the town of Lexington. Her first campaign was in 2002 running for Governor of Massachusetts. Latley she has been trying to channel the Occupy Movement. In Boston she said "The Occupy movement is a cry for change from workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas and young people whose future is being stolen from them by politicians intent on serving Wall Street rather than the people".

 Fred Karger (R-CA)

Fred Karger is a longtime Republican campaign operative and consultant. He is the first openly gay presidential candidate of any major party to run for President. His campaign has been focused on Iowa and New Hampshire with stops all over the country.

Mayor Rocky Anderson (J-UT)

Former Salt Lake City Mayor  Rocky Anderson recently announced his candidacy under the newly formed Justice Party. Anderson is hoping to take stances that are more progressive and liberal than the national Democratic Party which he sees as a defender of Wall Street and the nations wealthiest.

One thing is clear from all these candidates, the same old politics of the past isn't going to cut it with them of their supporters anymore. If the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Movement have shown us anything it is that instead of despair people ought to get active and involved. That is the only way the special interests that currently run Washington D.C. will be defeated.

Be it Romney, Obama, Paul, Johnson, Anderson etc, go read about their positions and do some critical thinking this election. Encourage others to do the same. The media doesn't like giving you options so you need to read about them yourselves.

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