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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Harry Stewart and Yogi Yorgesson Christmas

Every year around this time Christmas is celebrated by millions across the world. The Christmas spirit can be seen in the music of our Christmas culture. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to listen to Yogi Yorgesson.

Yogi was a character developed by American comedian Harry Stewart. In 1949, he recorded a single called I just go Nuts at Christmas, it was a hit! Selling over a million records. Yogi Yorgesson is Swedish guy who complains about all the family stuff that complicates Christmas. He also recorded several other Christmas related songs: Yingle Bells, and The Christmas Party and Santa at the P.T.A.
Yingle Bells (1952)

I just go Nuts at Christmas (1949)

The Christmas Party (1951)

Santa at the P.T.A. (1951)

Sadly, Harry Stewart was killed in a car accident in 1956; forever freezing his characters in a bygone era. In our new politically correct times I wonder if Yogi would have fared so well in our day. Oh well, lucky for us Stewart made these in the 40s and 50s.
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