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Sunday, December 11, 2011

SNL Political Ad Parodies

Saturday Night Live (SNL) over the years has brought us some great campaign ad parodies. With the campaign finance laws as loosey-goosey as they have become since the Citizens United court case ruling, I hope we can see these ads and more like them airing right along with the 'real serious' ads. At least then we might have something to look forward to on television in between the Big Bang Theory and Terra Nova.

Wade Hammond ad Texas Gubernatorial Campaign
Gary Hart for President Ad 1988 
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Randy X ad Texas Gubernatorial Campaign
DNC Bush Tax plan ad
Generic Republican 2012 ad
Christine O'Donnell 2010
Pat Finger City Council ad
Obama-Clinton 2008 ad 
So just be sure to keep a close eye this coming year in 2012, someone may just run an ad as an expensive joke. 
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