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Monday, December 12, 2011

SNL Top 10 Hosts for Season 38

I can long remember the days when I would tune into Saturday Night Live every week in the 90s and early 00s to see the show and the odd ball sketches. To be honest, I have never tuned into SNL for the music, I usually just channel surf when the musical act comes on. For some reason though over the last few years I have noticed I don't tune in on a regular basis. I cherry pick which Saturday evenings I dedicate to SNL. Since I have no particular interest in who the 'Not Ready for Prime Time Players' are anymore, I mostly go by host selection.

The last episode I watched was Alec Baldwin, which was the first episode of the season. I have not tuned in for a full show since September.  I started thinking about what kind of a season lineup of hosts would make me come back watching regularly. If I had Lorne Michaels ear, I'd recommend the following persons for Season 38 next year.

#10 John Goodman
Where oh where has John Goodman been for the last decade? Many of the seasoned hosts like Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, and Alec Baldwin have been back to host, but not Goodman. He hasn't been back since an appearance in 2003 when Dan Aykroyd hosted. Goodman himself hasn't hosted since 2001. Wouldn't it be nice just to see him, Baldwin and Ferrell back together reminiscing about Big Bill Brasky?

#9 Jane Curtin
Talk about an epic fail of SNL in the late 90s. One of the funniest women ever to come from the SNL cast of '75-'80 has never been back to host, even when she was on the hit show 3rd Rock from the Sun. It is high time SNL brought her to host. Lots of former cast members have been given the chance to host since departing the show, even cast members like David Spade. Spade gets to host before Jane Curtin? SNL, you ignorant slut...

#8 Chevy Chase & the Cast of Community
 Need I say more? Not only is it a show with an original cast member, but it is a show with a hilarious cast. Recently, Community was put on extended hiatus (which means NBC is trying to figure out what to do with it). This would be a great opportunity to get these folks back on television.

#7 Conan O'Brien
Imagine the headlines of getting Conan O'Brien back hosting an NBC show. Wonder what such a show would look like? He last appeared during an SNL Digital Short in 2006 and last hosted in 2001. Would it be full skits, characters and trademarked intellectual property owned by his old bosses. I bet Jimmy Fallon would be involved. I don't think he has much to worry about from Leno either. Jay hasn't hosted since 1986.

#6 Stephen Colbert
It is high time for this to happen. Jon Stewart has already hosted (and probably time for him to host again).  Heck, you could have a late night host show with Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien and Colbert. Stephen Colbert is best known for lending his voice to Robert Smigel's Ace of Ace and Gary: the Ambiguously Gay Duo. In a way, Colbert has already hosted a show. In 2006, Ace and Gary hosted the 'Best of TV Funhouse' SNL episode.
#5 John Lithgow
Again, this is to make up for another lost opportunity. While 3rd Rock was on in the late 90s, Lithgow was nowhere to be seen on SNL, yet he made three appearances during the late 80s, bringing to life such memorable characters as  Reverend Dwight Henderson: World's Meanest Methodist Minister, and Baudelaire, the esteemed mentor to Master Thespian. Lithgow is about one of the funniest performers you will ever experience; be it theater, film or television he won't disappoint you.

#4  Mila Kunis
One of the most overlooked actresses of our day, Kunis has great energy and can do comedy as seen in That 70s Show and Family Guy. She'd probably have a lot of fun on the show and viewers would have a lot of fun watching her.

 #3 Robin Williams
 I was able to view Williams' three episodes as host on Netflix, even in the heavily edited state they are in, they are still worth watching. His 1986 appearance features Williams as Ronald Reagan in a skit entitled 'Earpiece' where Phil Hartman is feeding Reagan answers to questions at a Press Conference. Why SNL has never brought Williams back as a host is another great mystery. He has had so many great roles since 1988. His opening monologues are by far the best (as they are essentially his stand-up routines from the day). While 99% of the time you want the opening monologues over with as soon as possible, his I'd rather see going for ten more minutes.

#2 Jane Krakowski
Working with a former SNL head writer and current 16 time SNL host should give Jane a few legs up on her competition. This 30 Rock star works with too many SNL related folks to not have hosted the show yet. Heck, they should just have the plot to a special 30 Rock episode based on Tracy Jordan competing with Karkowki's character over who gets to host SNL.

#1 Larry David
What can you say to this? His friends from Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have all hosted). Larry now has another hit show and getting him to host would be perfect revenge to the SNL execs from the 80s that stifled this creative giant when he was a staff writer for the show.  His  experience with SNL was parodied into Seinfeld. He worked for SNL during the 84-85 season and only got one sketch on air, at the 12:50 time slot (the last time slot of the show). Frustrated with the lack of interest in his writing he quit. Over the weekend he realized how much he needed the job and showed back up to work on Monday hoping no one would notice. Sound familiar? This is exactly what George did in The Revenge. Larry appeared in one skit, 'The Run, Throw, and Catch Like a Girl Olympics' in 1985.

Who would you like to see host the show in Season 38? Seems like the time to start tossing them suggestions.
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