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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eye of Newt: A Look at Some Gingrich Items

Last week I mentioned in my post on the latest Obama buttons that I had ordered some Newt Gingrich pins, well they arrived just two days ago. They are by no means as creative as the Obama-Biden 2012 pins are, but by far are better than the pins that Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum offered.

1.5" White Pin
 The pins come in two sizes: 1.5" and 3". The two 1.5" pins are both celluloid pins and just have Newt 2012 on them. No union bugs that I can find.

I can't really say I have a favorite, considering they are what I call slogo pins "slogan and logo pins". Slogo pins are perhaps the most common in the art of campaign buttons. They either have just the campaign logo or the campaign logo and some slogan.

1.5" Red pin
The two 1.5" pins are $2.00 each and the 3" inch pin is $3.00. The prices seem reasonable for what they are. I wouldn't mind have only paid $1.00 for the smaller pins, but I recognize that the campaign also wants to make a little money.

The 3" inch pin I am sure will become a staple of any Gingrich or 2012 campaign collection. About the only thing I can find that the smaller pins have that this doesn't is a 'NEWT.ORG' on it. This pin could have been a lot better had it featured both Newt and his wife Callista on it waving at the crowds.
3" Gingrich pin

The other items that I bought from the Gingrich campaign were a set of stickers. It was called the "I'm with Newt Sticker Bundle" it included 10 small I'm with Newt Stickers and two larger ones. A red one and a white one for good measure. All together I spent $10 dollars, $7 on the buttons and $3.00 on the stickers.

If you really want to get a full assortment of Newt items and have the money to drop on a campaign store, check out the Victory Pack. $60 dollars gets you all of this
Collecting on a budget usually means I wait until the campaign is over and they have made lots of cool collectors packs at significant discounts. When the McCain-Palin campaign ended, I bought nearly $200 dollars worth of products for $50 dollars.

If you want to pick up your own official Newt items, just click here, to visit the Official Newt Gingrich Store. There are plenty of other places out there to find Newt pins that may be a bit more appealing to eye, so keep an eye out on cafe press and zazzle and some of the Republican campaign vendors. There should be a Newt pin out there in 2012 that will fit right in with your collection. Republican Express has a great single picture Newt pin for $1.99.

You can find out more about the hobby of political collecting at the American Political Item Collectors and the social network made specifically for the political junkie

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