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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost Blackadder Moments

So you think you've seen all there is to that fantastic BBC show Blackadder? Well here are some segments done for special occasions over the years.

Blackadder & The King's Birthday 1998

This was sketch was preformed as part of the celebration of the Prince of Wales' 50th Birthday celebrations. Rowan Atkinson was Lord Blackadder and Stephen Fry was King Charles II.

 Baldrick on Clown Court 1988

Clown Court was a segment on Noel's Saturday Roadshow, where a character from a current television show was put on trial for all the bloopers committed on the show. It would give the show a chance to show the bloopers it produced.

Woman's Hour Invasion 1988

Was a special done to raise money for Children in Need. Blackadder and Baldrick invade the studio and our friends at Blackadder Hall have posted the audio and written up a transcript of the show. There is both a video and audio recordings.

Here's a video segment of Children in Need. In the video, the host interviews Baldrick. He brings stuff to auction for charity, like a bit of mud.

The Army Years 2000

This was done in 2000 for the Royal Variety Performance.

The RVP is a special night of performances put on by some of the worlds greatest talents in order to raise money for charity.

  The Royal Gardner 2002

This was an advertisement done to help celebrate the Queen's jubilee concert, this version of Blackadder is the keeper of the Queen's Sprinklers.

The Unaired Pilot 1982

This is the first incarnation of Blackadder, and he is much more like the Edmund Blackadder we experience in Blackadder II. Pretty neat to see the differences between this and the second time around.

Well there you have it, a bunch of Blackadder you might not have seen. Blackadder Hall has done a great job of collecting and organizing all there is to know about the Blackadder series on the web. Go check it out, you will most likely learn something about this great show you didn't know before you visited.

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