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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Obama 2012 Pins!

They have arrived! These are official 2012 Barack Obama campaign pins. In total you get about 24 pins, there appear to be some minor differences with each order (in mine, I got 4 of the first family pins). All are 2 1/4" inch pins. These are not all the pins they sell on the website, but most of them. Normally, each pin is sold in a set of 2 of the same for $5.00. To me this is the best deal in the entire store. Send the Obama campaign a $30 dollar donation and spread the pins among your friends or keep them all for yourself.

My favorite so far is the Bo the dog pin. Perhaps later I will try to put together a First Pets collection of pins. Socks the Cat was on many campaign items in the 90s. Socks was President Bill Clinton's cat. There is even a Presidential Pets Museum, dedicated to the pets that have had the chance to call the White House their home.

The other pin which will probably be very popular is the Michelle Obama button. It has a good look to it, and is sure to be popular with fans of the First Lady. There is also a niche within the political collector sphere about items pertaining to the First Lady's or Significant Others to the President.  A National First Ladies' Library  exists to help you in your quest to better understand these influential ladies of American history. 

All these pins have union bugs on the face, and a number indicating which item they are from the Obama Store on the curl. 

I have yet to order any Romney, Paul, Perry, Huntsman, Johnson, Anderson, Stein, Karger or any other candidate yet. I did place an order for the three pins being offered by the Gingrich campaign. So far the Obama campaign is about the only campaign doing any serious deals.

The designs seem on par with many of the 2008 designs. If you have recently visited the website they have a new "Runway to Win" section with higher end designer items.  I really like the design of this Jason Wu  t-shirt.
Michelle Obama has worn a lot of Jason Wu designed items, so it seems expected that he design something for this "Runway to Win" promotion. Long gone are the days when campaigns just had ribbons and buttons, soon came stickers, signs, coffee mugs, and now pet bowls and barbecue aprons. Thankfully for the political collector on a tight budget there seems to be no short supply of buttons in 2012 so far.

If you are looking for interesting campaign items designed by grassroots supporters and independent designers you should always check out Cafe Press and Zazzle. Many organizations that support the various presidential campaigns  use these as their campaign stores now.

As usual you can find out more about the hobby of political collecting at the American Political Item Collectors and/or the social network made specifically for the political junkie

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