Down the Ballot

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Instead of going to bed, I must urge you all to contact your representatives to protect the Internet against SOPA and PIPA.

These are the bills in congress that would do irreparable damage to freedom of speech on the Internet. Contact your Senator to and tell them to protect the internet from big government and big corporations.

Don't take my word for it, here's some techie and legislative pals of mine that have put their thoughts into words.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has a full page of stuff with great ideas and here is a great C-SPAN Communicators.

So proud to see Senator Wyden leading the fight on this issue.

Then there is the nerd extraordinaire and techie guru Wil Wheaton. I mean, come on he saved the Enterprise at least 4 1/2 half times as a teenager.

I am 100% opposed to SOPA and PIPA, even though I'm one of the artists they were allegedly written to protect. I've probably lost a few hundred dollars in my life to what the MPAA and RIAA define as piracy, and that sucks, but that doesn't come close to how much money I've lost from a certain studio's creative accounting.
The RIAA and MPAA are, again, on the wrong side of history. Attempting to tear apart one of the single greatest communications achievements in human history in a misguided attempt to cling to an outdated business model instead of adapting to the changing world is a fucking crime.

A free and open Internet is as important to me as the bill of rights. I don't want the government of one country -- especially the corporate-controlled United States government -- to exert unilateral control over the Internet for any reason, especially not because media corporations want to buy legislation that won't do anything to actually stop online piracy, but will expand the American police state, and destroy the Internet as we know it.
All worth some food for thought, but our Internet is worth it.

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