Down the Ballot

Sunday, March 25, 2012

GSY Review: Fresh Hell

Fresh Hell is fresh fun. It is a internet based show that doesn't have commercials or sponsors. Creators: Brent Spiner, Chris Ellis, and Harry Hannigan have put together a nice little story centered around a fictional faux pas committed by lead star Brent Spiner. Little is known to the audience about what exactly Brent said or did, but it was bad enough that he became a social pariah and toxic associate that he can't find work and make a living. Now he must start from the bottom and work his way back to the middle or wherever Brent started at.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Politicans in TV

Here's some great clips from Cheers featuring John Kerry and Tip O'Neil. John Kerry is of course the senior Senator from Massachusetts and Tip O'Neil was a member of congress from Massachusetts and was the second longest Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Serving from 1977-1987 in the role as Mr. Speaker.

Provided today are two clips from the 1980s television hit Cheers. The first deals with Senator Kerry encountering Norm and Cliff outside the bar.
The second clip features Speaker O'Neil in the bar for the opening of the show. 

I think it speaks clearly about how divided we have become over politics in recent years. How often do you see politicians invading your favorite sitcoms? Rarely. Producers just don't like having them on for fear of polarizing their audiences. After all, we are quick to shoot someone in the firing squad that is public opinion. 

I once got to ask Senator Kerry about his Cheers experience. He said he loved it. Sometimes it might help for our politicians to unwind a little bit and have some fun. Nothing makes you look better than being able to laugh at yourself with other people. You might even make some fans of your own in the process.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bang There Done That: Stephen Hawking

Kudos to the folks at the Big Bang Theory for capturing Stephen Hawking as a guest star on an upcoming episode. While it may surprise most that such a famous scientist would be appearing on a comedy show, it is not the first time. Mr. Hawking has done many other guest spots over the last twenty some years. The first that IMDb lists him appearing on as a special guest is none other than Star Trek The Next Generation. TNG beat them all.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Green Show Library on Youtube!

For those of you who are fans of the Red Green Show you may like to know that recently the good folks at S&S Productions just uploaded a ton of classic Red Green content on Youtube. The Red Green Archives have been uploaded. Now you can scroll through a pdf file and click on your favorite segment or full episode and watch it...FOR FREE!

from wikipedia: Harold, Red, and Bill
If you have never seen Red Green, you'll get a chance to see some great comedy. The show takes place at the fictional Possum Lodge and revolves around a group of men and the general buffoonery that they cause themselves and their neighbors.The show ran for 15 seasons (1991-2006) and can be found in the states on many PBS stations. Oregon Public Broadcasting ran it for many years. Red Green was a character Steve Smith created for his 1979 television show Smith & Smith. Later he developed a whole new show for the character, which became The Red Green Show.

Monday, March 5, 2012

GSY Review: Star Trek Generations

Spoiler Alerts: This movie was out in 1994, if you haven't seen it by now, see it before reading this.

Star Trek Generations was the seventh feature film in the Trek franchise. It signaled a passing of the torch to the next generation of Star Trek (hehehe, if that joke isn't old now... it should be). The mid 90s was a high point for all things Star Trek and for science fiction in general. As I have mentioned in earlier Go Screen Yourself Reviews, there was a lot of good science fiction on television during these years. Star Trek was booming and it seemed nothing was going to stop it any time soon.

Aside from the 2009 Star Trek movie, no Trek film has spawned as much debate within Trekkerdom as Generations. Most debate comes down to the killing of Captain Kirk. My position in the debate, is that if you are going to kill off such a major figure in your franchise, the death better be good and it better be absolutely necessary to the story. The problem with Kirk's death is it was not necessary to the story. It just sorta seemed like it happens just because they could do it. Worse further, they filmed two deaths. The first death scene features Kirk getting shot in the back by Soran. Thankfully the powers that be decided this didn't seem right for Kirk. They rewrote the death scene. Sadly, it wasn't all that better. He falls off a bridge.