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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bang There Done That: Stephen Hawking

Kudos to the folks at the Big Bang Theory for capturing Stephen Hawking as a guest star on an upcoming episode. While it may surprise most that such a famous scientist would be appearing on a comedy show, it is not the first time. Mr. Hawking has done many other guest spots over the last twenty some years. The first that IMDb lists him appearing on as a special guest is none other than Star Trek The Next Generation. TNG beat them all.

The scene consists of Hawking, and actors portraying Einstein and Newton playing a game of poker with Data. The actor portraying Newton is none other than the late great John Neville. I was able to find the scene on Youtube. Here it is for your enjoyment.
1993 marked his first appearance in a popular television show, in the next twenty years he would go on to appear in shows and movies ranging from the Science of Star Trek, Red Dwarf A-Z, The Simpsons, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Futurama. He even has his own science fiction theater program. Popular stories of science fiction are taken and made into one hour episodes. Hawking introduces each episode with a narration.

Where will be seeing this cosmic mind next? For now you will have to wait until the April 5th episode of the Big Bang Theory.
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