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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Green Show Library on Youtube!

For those of you who are fans of the Red Green Show you may like to know that recently the good folks at S&S Productions just uploaded a ton of classic Red Green content on Youtube. The Red Green Archives have been uploaded. Now you can scroll through a pdf file and click on your favorite segment or full episode and watch it...FOR FREE!

from wikipedia: Harold, Red, and Bill
If you have never seen Red Green, you'll get a chance to see some great comedy. The show takes place at the fictional Possum Lodge and revolves around a group of men and the general buffoonery that they cause themselves and their neighbors.The show ran for 15 seasons (1991-2006) and can be found in the states on many PBS stations. Oregon Public Broadcasting ran it for many years. Red Green was a character Steve Smith created for his 1979 television show Smith & Smith. Later he developed a whole new show for the character, which became The Red Green Show.

American audiences may recognize a few of the supporting stars of the show. Ranger Gord is played by Peter Keleghan who also played Lloyd Braun in the Seinfeld episode 'The Non-Fat Yogurt'. Edgar Montrose is played by Graham Greene who is an Academy Award nominated Actor. He has appeared in such films as Dances with Wolves, Die Hard With a Vengeance, The Green Mile, and Maverick. In the show he plays the lodge explosives expert. Actor Steve Smith leads the group on all their various schemes.

As a cross between a sketch comedy and a sitcom, the show offers plenty of laughs. Some segments will remind you of a home improvement-esque segment like 'Handy Man Corner' or game show like segments like the 'Possum Lodge Word Game'. In between Red also dispenses advice all sorts of people. At some point he directs his attention to 'older guys' (he never really defines older guys). My guess it is to older, married men. Red is often accompanied by his younger nephew Harold (he's a dork) whom Red is constantly trying steer into manhood. Harold looks upon the lodge members as sort of senile old crazies whom he has to keep in check.

All in all, a fun show that has some humor for everyone. Here is a link to the archive. Go check out the rest of website and show by clicking the Red Green link. Red Green also has his own twitter and facebook page so just login and type in Red Green. As Red signs off with at the end of every show, 'keep your stick on the ice'.

Here is an example of the Lodge Word Game.
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