Down the Ballot

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dolphins are Angry!

When I scrolled across my Yahoo News viewer I read a story today about a dolphin that has been terrorizing some folks in a lake near New Orleans. For the full story just click dolphin. Rather hilarious. It appears they are starting to test the waters for their take over of the world.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

GSY Review: Star Trek Insurrection

The last Go Screen Yourself Review about Star Trek Generations got me dusting off my Star Trek TNG dvds and the other night I sat down and watched Star Trek Insurrection. 1998 seems so long ago. 14 years is a long time, and I was surprised at how well the story holds up in those years. Out of the four TNG era movies, this film seemed more like the television show than the others. Now, don't get me wrong this is not a high action paced film like First Contact or Nemesis. This is one of those classic Star Trek, struggle with the prime directive, philosophical issues kind of story. Which is perhaps why it did not perform as expected at the box office. 

Just because this film is more thought provoking than action packed thriller does not detract from it being an enjoyable film. For those that have not seen it, here is the trailer. 


New Big Bang Theory for Obama themed Button

Big Belt Buckle Aficionados for Obama Button
Big Belt Buckle Aficionados for Obama Button by emk4ever

Here is my newest button for the Big Bang Theory for Obama button set. If you enjoy big or unusual belt buckles than this pin is for you.  As with all my 2012 designs you will find the 'Design by CJWF" somewhere on the pin.

Quality vs. Quantity

We used to favor an emphasis on quantity. We tallied up each census notch, each new bit of construction or expansion. We talked in terms of success being measurable in amounts of people, business, growth. It is not our intention now to halt growth or to discourage the expanding future we are determined to have. But we want to control that growth. -Tom McCall

I've always liked Tom McCall. He seemed to be one of the few leaders that understood the coming challenges of the 21st Century. Every election lately seems to be more about quantity over quality. How many jobs would we lose/gain? How many businesses would we lose/gain? How much will I have to pay in taxes? We seem to be missing the point. It is not about how much we have of something or not, but what is the quality of our current situation?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1992 Clinton visits Portland Poster

This poster was created after then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton visited Portland, Oregon during the fall of 1992. A crowd of over 10,000 supporters gathered to welcome Governor Clinton to Portland on his one day campaign swing through the state. He also visited the home of a former mill worker in the Eugene area earlier in the day.

The poster seen here was issued shortly after the campaign rally and widely distributed during the last few weeks of the campaign. It is perhaps, the last great Oregon issued campaign poster. A union bug, and disclaimer from the Democratic Party of Oregon. The photo was taken by Frank Lynch. You can often find this poster on ebay for anywhere between $10-$20 dollars.

Here a link to an article by the Eugene Register Gaurd that appeared the day after the Portland and Eugene events that summarizes the contrasting campaigns that appeared in Oregon back in 1992. The early 90s were in some ways not that different than 2012. The country was divided, folks were coming out of an economic downturn, and gay rights dominated the headlines. The Oregon Citizens Alliance, a social conservative group was promoting anti-gay rights ballot initiative Measure 9. The other big issue in Oregon was timber. President Bush and Governor Clinton both actively worked hard to win over rural Oregon timber voters

All in all, a great poster, one of the last great Oregon issued presidential posters. For more great political items, visit and join up for free!