Down the Ballot

Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood and his Chair

Political Conventions come and go, but the memories last for decades after the more bland speeches are all but lost to history. Often is isn't even the presidential acceptance speech that is most remembered from the convention itself. Some of the most remembered speeches were made by someone other than the president or party nominee. Let us put Clint Eastwood and his chair speech in the context of other great convention memories.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RNC Recap: Day 1 or Game Called Due to Rain

So the first day of the RNC was delayed due to hurricane Issac. Not much to really blog about. They did release a revised scheduled for the rest of the week.

 here is the  revised schedule is as follows provided by the RNC. Note this is subject to change. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 Years from Now

Coattails are not so easy to understand sometimes.
As the Democratic and Republican National Conventions get underway for the next few weeks, it might help the causal observer to take note. Did you know that since 1988, all but one future nominee addressed their parties national convention just four years prior to them being the nominee?

Let's take a look:

Bill Clinton, was nominated in 1992, in 1988 nominated Governor Michael Dukakis in a very long...long nomination speech. Most people agree, even the former President, that it was too long.

The Made for TV Election w/ Martin Sheen (1986)

Perhaps one of the best political/communication documentaries I have ever seen. All the greats of the 1980 are included. Martin Sheen takes the viewer in for a closer look 6 years after the election of 1980. What exactly is the role of the media in national politics? Perhaps now, more than ever major media outlets play a significant role in the interpretation of political events.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Live Free & Collect Gary Johnson Items

The other day I gave my thoughts about a Gary Johnson for President event I attended. This post is geared more towards the collectors at what items were available from the campaign at the event. While there was not much available, it was all official from the campaign and not a third party. All items were paper in nature. They offered a poster, a postcard handout, and two one page handouts. Also available were a bumper sticker and yard sign. No buttons were offered, though I did see two campaign volunteers wearing them.

HHH: Humor, Humility, and Humphrey

I was reading over Harvey Goldberg's article on Hubert Humphrey in this month's Bandwagon. It made me think about just the kind of political leader Humphrey was in his day. He had a sense of humor, even in defeat. After his presidential campaign, he appeared as the guest of honor of a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Campaign Stop: Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate

Last week, I was fortunate enough to hear about a campaign event at the Aloha American Legion Hall that featured former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. The event was hosted by the Oregon Libertarian Party and the Johnson campaign. I wanted to go hear a presidential candidate in person and this was my first opportunity to do so this election. So Sunday August 4th, I did just that.

Both President Obama and Governor Romney have visited Oregon, but both events were not open to the public as they were over 500 dollar a ticket fundraisers. I do not know if Mitt Romney made any other stops before leaving Portland, but President Obama at least made a visit to a local restaurant to have a quick bite to eat and mingle with customers. Those events are great if you can afford the tickets, but most of us have other things in life we could be doing with that money that is far more important than paying for tv ads in swing states.

I went with a couple other interested friends and we arrived about a half an hour early. To our surprise, Governor Johnson was right next to the door greeting the early arrivals. In all my years attending events with presidential candidates (of all parties) voters always end up waiting on the candidate. They always run late. Johnson was there already chatting and mingling with voters. We chatted for a little bit about what brought us to the event, and about the influence of SUPER-PACS and disgusting role money has in contemporary politics.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

APIC National Convention: O! HI! YO!

Chalk and Awe Entry, photo by Ken McClure
This week the APIC National Convention is taking place in Columbus, Ohio. Political junkies from across the nation are coming together to buy, sell, and trade political items of all shapes and sizes.

Attendees started arriving Sunday night and Monday. The first big event was Chalk&Awe. Where political junkies put their artistic skills to the test. The basic idea is to take a button and transfer the design in chalk to the sidewalk.

Been keeping tabs of the event on facebook through the APIC facebook page. Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun.