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Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 Years from Now

Coattails are not so easy to understand sometimes.
As the Democratic and Republican National Conventions get underway for the next few weeks, it might help the causal observer to take note. Did you know that since 1988, all but one future nominee addressed their parties national convention just four years prior to them being the nominee?

Let's take a look:

Bill Clinton, was nominated in 1992, in 1988 nominated Governor Michael Dukakis in a very long...long nomination speech. Most people agree, even the former President, that it was too long.

In 1992, Bob Dole introduced the nomination of President George H.W. Bush...four years later, he became the 1996 GOP nominee, and speaking of 1996 Both Al Gore and George W. Bush addressed the conventions and both became their parties 2000 nominees.

For 2000, while John Kerry was in attendance of the convention, he did not take the podium to address the hall. He did take the time to address the Iowa and New Hampshire delegations individually and start stetting up speaking engagements for his eventual campaign.

In 2004, we all remember the attention given to Barack Obama's convention keynote, which sorta out shined John Kerry's acceptance speech. John McCain addressed his fellow Republican Delegates in New York City. Both Senators wound up being the nominees of 2008.

Speaking of 2008, Mitt Romney had the great chance to address the delegates and look where he is today.

Sometimes it is more obvious, in 1976 Ronald Reagan addressed the convention and in 1980 was the Republican nominee. He was a leading candidate, so that's not really a big surprise. Bill Clinton is probably the biggest surprise to come from one of these 4 years before the nomination speakers, especially when you consider his very long and boring speech.

When you tune into the conventions for 2012, pay attention to all those other folks speaking, it's a pretty good chance one of them will be their parties nominee in 2016.
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