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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Live Free & Collect Gary Johnson Items

The other day I gave my thoughts about a Gary Johnson for President event I attended. This post is geared more towards the collectors at what items were available from the campaign at the event. While there was not much available, it was all official from the campaign and not a third party. All items were paper in nature. They offered a poster, a postcard handout, and two one page handouts. Also available were a bumper sticker and yard sign. No buttons were offered, though I did see two campaign volunteers wearing them.

Here is the postcard. It quickly explains some key concepts of the Johnson campaign. One of his major themes to talk about how a small group of wealthy Americans are running the country for the rest of us.

The two one page handouts have roughly the same info, just with more policy positions.

One features the same front as the postcard and the poster (not pictured) and the other I will call the Liberty version (below).

 Both feature the same information on the reverse side. Feel free to enlarge the handouts. Taxes, Healthcare, Defense and several other issues are featured on this handout. The difference between the postcard versions and the one page handouts is the disclaimer "Paid for by Gary Johnson 2012" at the bottom of the card.

Most of the items from the campaign can be found at Gary Gear, the official store of the Gary Johnson campaign. A lot of modern day campaigns, both big and small are heading in this direction of not directly selling their items. They go through an online third party merchant to handle the items. Making campaign swag is an expensive business, and campaigns light on funds usually dedicate their funds to other necessities.

Early on, the Johnson campaign only offered a few items, like a bumper sticker, and sign. When he was running as a Republican in the GOP primaries he had very little to offer. As he slowly left the GOP race, he started to pick up more items. His campaign will sell you large quantities of items in bulk at very high costs. You can go through Gary Gear, which is a Cafe Press store to buy items in smaller, more manageable quantities.

Being a libertarian campaign, they also provided grassroots supporters and political entrepreneurs the tools they needed to make their own buttons, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, and whatnot. Several high resolution images of Governor Johnson and his logo were made available for customizing of any campaign swag you could think to make on your own. Cafe Press, Zazzle, and Ebay are filled with examples of items you can find. Just type in Gary Johnson and you'll find a interesting selection.

The last three items I picked up at the event were a poster, yard sign, and bumper sticker.

The bumper stickers are bright, and fit both the candidate name and slogan on them. If you are lucky enough to attend a Johnson campaign event, Gary signs posters to those that wait around for a chat.

All in all, collectors shouldn't have any trouble getting some Johnson campaign materials over the net few months. There is plenty out there, and if the Johnson campaign picks up some electoral steam, expect to see more of Gary in a town near you.

To find out more about the APIC visit and to connect with other collectors visit Political at

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