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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Made for TV Election w/ Martin Sheen (1986)

Perhaps one of the best political/communication documentaries I have ever seen. All the greats of the 1980 are included. Martin Sheen takes the viewer in for a closer look 6 years after the election of 1980. What exactly is the role of the media in national politics? Perhaps now, more than ever major media outlets play a significant role in the interpretation of political events.

Produced by William Brandon Shanley. Gerald J. Keane, co-producer, writer. Alvin H. Goldstein, executive producer. Joe Rothstein, studio director. Harry Miles Muheim, script consultant. These folks do a great job at opening the eyes of the view, with assistance from Martin Sheen.

Today, I wonder how such a film would look. With so many differing viewpoints created by the media it might be difficult to keep track. Perhaps such a film would reinforce the ideas put forth by some in this country that the media caters to the horse race that goes on between Democrats and Republicans. Polls are created by parties that want to show certain results, these polls are then used or not used by various media outlets who want to reinforce a particular narrative, which is then reported to citizens who believe that all polls are unbiased.

Watch Act I for even more interesting tactics of our big national media machine.

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