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Monday, September 10, 2012

SNL Season 38: Seth MacFarlane To Start the Fall Laughs

NBC has been hit or miss the last decade. While new shows come and go or only last a few seasons, we can always count on our old friend Saturday Night Live to be there when times are tough. Season 38 will see some folks leave or as the media always describes it "a time of transition of the show".

What this means for the talent that has decided to stay is hard to say. Some hopefully will step up their game and fill in where others have left. Don't be surprised though if by Season 39 some more of the fellow cast have left for new projects. Sometimes finding balance among the new talent isn't as easy at would appear. Not everyone can be a Tim Meadows or Darrel Hammond and always be able to blend in with a new cast. Still some of the current cast have proven their ability to adapt to changes.

Seth Meyers,  and Fred Armisen have both now been on the show for longer than Meadows was on. Kenan Thompson is also getting up there. I think he's been a cast member since 2003? Where does time fly? Provided these folks are happy doing what they are doing, I don't see them leaving any time soon. It will be fun to see how these veterans blend in with all the new talent.

Last post I did on SNL dealt with hosts I'd like to see in season 38. The new season opens up with what could be really great or really bad funny man Seth MacFarlane opening the show. Last season they opened with Alec Baldwin, a safe and familiar face to SNL'ers. I love MacFarlane's humor. Fox got themselves a great thing going with him. If you are going to be outrageous and daring; he is the host to go with. Though, I wonder if he might turn off some people. I suspect the season opener will get a lot of ad time on air to drum up viewership. My hope is they let Seth be Seth. I'll be tuning in for this one for sure.

New Episodes begin this Saturday Night:

September 15, 2012 Seth MacFarlane
September 22, 2012 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
October 6, 2012 Daniel Craig
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