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Friday, October 12, 2012

Electoral Vote Update: The Week After

Electoral Vote Table 2012
Source Obama Romney Other/Tossup 285.2 252.8 -
RCP 294 244 - 294 235 9

191 328 206 4

Been busy this week, so Monday's update is appearing Friday. Not only was I busy with school work, but this also gave a little more time for some new polls to be released in the wake of the first Obama-Romney debate.

There have been some changes of note from our three election barometers., RCP, and have all moved Florida into the Romney column in the wake of the first debate performance. Since the October 3rd debate, Romney has beat Obama in 3/5 polls done in Florida. 538 and the various sites keep a running tab of all polls taken in each state.

With the Vice Presidential debate just now over, we can expect in another week to see polls shift some more. Joe Biden may have just doused the Romney fire, but we won't know that until this time next week.
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