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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looper Not Such a Pooper. (Of course there are spoliers)

Looper was actually an enjoyable film. Wasn't sure about the Willis-JGL duo, but it worked out ok. I have spent a great deal of my free time the last year writing and talking about Temporal Ethics. So, there might be some new material if I want to expand my paper beyond 20 pages. As with all movies, there is a Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Let's start with the Good. The story was super easy to follow. For non sci-fi fans, aside from the time travel aspects, strange cars, and being set in 2044 you really couldn't tell at some points in the film this was a time travel story, let alone science fiction story. Sometimes sci-fi can be a little too in your face about the fact that you're watching a sci-fi film. Every person is a different shade of green, the cars all fly, meals are in pill form...etc.

The acting was right on pace with the story throughout most of the film. It is hard to believe sometimes that Bruce Willis; tough guy, big acting star got his start in comedy with Moonlighting and wine cooler commercials. He really pulls off the older Joe character well. The most powerful scene I have ever seen Willis do was when he pulls the trigger to narrow down the future Rainmaker. If you have seen the film, you know what I am talking about. That scene had to be done just right for it work with the film and audiences. It is a classic time travel question. Would you be willing to kill someone in order to prevent them from doing horrible things in the future?

JGL also did a great job, his career is just getting going and I am sure he'll have many more roles down the line. He made a hard pressed, jaded company man character stand out. The falling for the escort character was a nice a touch too.

Jeff We've seen him play everything now. When he nails that guy with the hammer, he does it like it is something he does every day. Totally natural.

The Bad

Um...this was a time travel film right? Isn't there usually some explanation about time travel? It seems the characters in the film go out of their way not to talk about time travel. Also didn't the time travel vehicle seem a little...oh how shall I put this... it looked like an old bathysphere from the 1930s.

When Old Joe and Young Joe meet they have a talk that sorta skirts around most of the time travel issues and even alternate realities/universes theories. When Old Joe's memory starts to get fuzzy because Young Joe is making changes...would that really happen? In a multiple universe theory Old Joe would always be Old Joe. Nothing Young Joe does, would affect Old Joe. Like when Young Joe decides to take his life at the end of the film. Old Joe wouldn't have vanished. Thankfully, most movie audiences are not hardcore quantum physicists or sci-fi nuts.

The Ugly

What was with the escort mom? Aside from a few moments towards the end of the film, why was her character needed in the film? Wouldn't the film have been just as good without her? No offense to  Piper Perabo's acting ability...but it just seems like your character could have been left out of the film..and no one would have cared.

The Mafia/gangsters of the future use outlawed time machines to take care of their problems in the future. Does law enforcement not also use time travel? It seems to me, that if you have criminals using time machines, the government must also use them too.

Also, why wouldn't Jeff Daniels character just do whatever he wanted? Why be content with running an entire city, when you could run the entire county, state, country or even world? His motivations for doing what the folks in the future want him to do are never clearly explained, especially when you start contemplating all the stuff you could do once they send you back in time. You could run the mafia!

I would recommend seeing this movie. The acting and the story are solid (even if there are some plot holes on the road to the climax).
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