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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Episodic Christmas Classic: The Race, Seinfeld

Seinfeld is one of my favorite shows. This was the first series I ever tried to get all seasons on dvd.  Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's zany half hour sitcom that was always about nothing; yet, left you with something to laugh about the next day.

It is also where this great Christmas moment comes from. Season 6 saw the continued rise of the show up the ratings ladder. Episode 10 was called The Race.

 Quick Synopsis

The A story was about Jerry confronting an old school nemesis about a race that took place 20 years ago when they were in high school. The B story is the focus of this post. Micky (Kramer's acting friend) lands Kramer and him a job as a mall Santa and elf in time for a little Christmas money. During his tenure as a mall Santa, he is exposed to the Daily Worker, and other communist publications by Elanie's new boyfriend of the week. He is convinced that this is the way to live and begins telling kids at the mall about how the owners of capital are preventing them from getting more toys. He is exposed by the children and he and Mickey get fired.

This episode does raise some interesting labor questions. Is there a labor union that represents mall Santa's? Do their working conditions merit better pay and other amenities?

Here are some clips from The Race

Couldn't get this clip to show:
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