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Sunday, December 9, 2012

War Production Board

From Wikipedia
I bought a book a few months ago that I am just now getting a good chance to look at and found an interesting note under the copyright. "About the Appearance of Books in Wartime" It outlines how this publisher was helping the war effort by cooperating with the War Production Board on using lighter weight paper and having smaller margins. The book is called: Prefaces to Peace and features what appears to be a book by Wendell Willkie, another by Herbert Hoover, part of one by Henry Wallace and Summer Welles. Really made me pause and think about the nature of society and war of my grandfather and the nature of society and war of the one my high school friends went off to fight.

We live in an amazing age. We don't even need paper to publish books in the 21st century. If we were in a war comparable to WWII, I wonder what a War Production Board of 2012 would ask of us to ration? Bandwidth?  Data? It is interesting to think about.

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