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Friday, July 19, 2013

Old Friends Catching Up

This is a small sample of something I started writing a few weeks ago. Typical fan fiction type of stuff. Use some characters in a pretty established universe and let your muse take you somewhere. Many talented people have used the Star Trek universe to tell all sorts of cool stories over the years. Some of them even get paid to write Star Trek stuff. Do your thing. Keep writing friends.

 Imagine for a moment you are an invisible observer on the bridge of the Defiant. Watching two old friends catching up with each other during a lull point of a mission. What do you think you would hear them talking about?

She refocused on her two friends in front of her. Julian sitting on the ledge of the duty station between Miles and an uncomfortable looking junior officer. It was clear Julian was in his own little world telling Miles of one of the hundreds of adventures he had missed since moving back to Earth.

“And you know who it was?” Julian pressed.
Miles shook his head.
“it was MORN! Rolling around with two of the Risian springball instructors.” he responded.
Miles jaws dropped, “I always knew that Morn was too hot for his own good. He could talk people into anything.” O'Brien chuckled.
“And worse yet, it was my bed. He never reserved his own room” complained Julian. 

Disclaimer: Of Course, Star Trek is property of CBS. Thank You Rick Berman and Michael Pillar for expanding the Star Trek universe Gene Roddenberry created for fans to play in. 
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