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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SNL Top 10 Hosts for Season 39

Well SNL'ers Season 39 will soon be upon us. It is looking like some of our longstanding regular cast members are moving on for different projects. Seth Myers will be departing in December to get ready to replace Jimmy Fallon at Late Nite so that Fallon can then take over for Jay Leno. Let's hope this goes better than the last time Jay retired.

Fred Armisen won't be coming back. Here's hoping he's devoting his new found free time to more Portlandia. He had been with the show since 2002 (Season 28). He started on SNL, when one of my all time favorites, Will Farrell left the show. Amazing how much staying power a lot of these folks have. Bill Hader also announced that Season 38 was going to be his last. Simply stating, "maybe it's just time to go". He had been with the show since 2005, and has really grown on the show. I am excited to see what his next thing will be. The other departure is Jason Sudeikis. He's not going sit around doing nothing. Never one to just do one thing, he'll continue on with a solid career he has been building up the last few years.

Last year I wrote about the Top 10 Hosts for Season 38 I would love to see on the show. Here is the Top 10 Hosts for Season 39!

 #10. Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin
Bring them back! These two have great chemistry and work well as a team. Martin and Baldwin trying to one up each other never gets old.

#9. Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs
Both these ladies are incredibly funny and have a strong show on the tubes right now.  It would also be cool if they brought Garrett Morris and Jennifer Coolidge along for the wild ride this show would be.

#8. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Her new show VEEP is ripe for sharing on the politically savvy SNL. As an SNL alumni she would be a shoe in for her third hosting opportunity. Who knows maybe she could talk Larry David into doing a cameo.

#7. Nick Offerman
He's got a book coming out called "Paddle Your Own Canoe", a memoir of sorts that hits shelves this October. His raunchy and conversational American Ham Tour continues to visit whatever town will host him and Parks and Rec will be back for yet another season. He's done more with Ron Swanson than anyone could have ever asked, it would be great to see him in a new context.

#6. Gordon Shumway
Face not coming to mind? Well Gordo is perhaps better known by his other name: ALF. Yes, that ALF! Paul Fusco is currently working with SONY on a brand new ALF moive. What better way to get back out there in front of audiences then a to host SNL! Think about this: ALF meets the Coneheads. Finally, people that can out eat and drink ALF!

#5.Candice Bergen
She hasn't hosted since 1990, but made a cameo just this last year as the first woman to ever become a member of the exclusive '5 Timer's Club'. SNL missed during Boston Legal's run and that was a shame.

#4. George Takei
Oh My! Out of all the Star Trek alumni out there, he'd give 101% to making it a great show. He's still very much in the public eye and has a great sense of humor as evidenced by his 4.4 million facebook followers. Not a day goes by when one of my friends is reposting something from his page. 

#3. Hillary Clinton
Now is the time to do it. I think SNL has gotten to the stature of the late night shows in helping candidates for office let voters see them in a new and refreshing light. If she needs a push, I'm sure Al Franken could be convinced to come back for a cameo with her. Perhaps Al Franken opens with a tour of the studio that find him and Clinton in landshark territory or maybe even stumbling upon Mr. Bill like Chevy Chase did when he came back after most of the original cast had all left. Or Franken could do his Henry Kissinger as a fellow Secretary of State.  I think if Hillary is serious about running, she should really consider trying to get on the show.

#2. Kate Mulgrew
Orange is the New Black was incredible! Mulgrew plays a character that you cannot help but hate to love or is it love to hate? We feel for her character early on in flashbacks being the person that is excluded from the group. Let's not exclude Kate from SNL. She's always had the talent to do the show. The episode where they all chase this chicken around is still fresh in my mind, even after seeing the episode a week and half ago. It also doesn't hurt that Kate is a Trek alumni. Did you see her at the 30th Anniversary celebration with the cast of Fraiser? She worked with SNL Host David Hyde Peirce.

#1. The Surviving  Monty Python!( John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones)
This classic comedy team is starting to get up there, but for the most part all their hips are still original and in good working order. With the passing of Graham Chapman who passed away far too early in life all the gang is still around and kicking. The Phytons were around even before SNL got off the ground. Still today you can hear people say "well that's awfully pythonesque!" or "wasn't that a Monty Python sketch?" Long before Portlandia was telling us to put a bird on it, Monty Python was putting dead parrots on everything.

Well there you have it. Hope you're reading Loren! (hahaha) So who would you like to see host in Season 39?
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