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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

John Goodman SNL Recap

Well I tuned in for Saturday Night Live after a long day of moving some friends into a new apartment and really enjoyed John Goodman's performance. While most of the skits were not particularly memorable, they also were not over the top ridiculous. Nor boring. Easy going is how I would categorize the show this last Saturday.

John Goodman is not Kerry Washington, Justin Timberlake, Paul Rudd, Miley Cyrus or Beiber. You won't feel bad about not rolling on the floor laughing and you also won't be left scratching your head at most of the skits going 'WTF?".

Goodman is a solid, dependable performer and makes the most of any material. Some of his best SNL moments over the years have occurred when he dawns a dress for a skit. I was happy to see him return to his SNL Linda Tripp roots. Again, not a episode to post all over the social media world, but a good run for Goodman. The community theater skit and the cold open were also pretty good. Drunker Uncle on Weekend Update also worked somehow.  Let's hope they bring him back sooner than 12 years from now.

For those of you that missed last weeks host Paul Rudd, towards the end of the show they brought back a classic skit "Bill Brasky". It was a last minute addition to the show, but well worth the return of the most famous salesman to travel these here parts. It had been 15 since the last Brasky sketch, and Farrell did not disappoint. I did hear that Tim Meadows was a little upset for not getting a call, but since this was a last minute sorta thing we'll let it slide. Perhaps the next time Farrell is back we'll see him, Goodman, and Baldwin back at the bar toasting Big Bill Brasky.
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