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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Non Traditional Christmas Music

Taking a page from my friend Lance, here are three Non Traditional Christmas Songs for you this season. I have looked far and wide for some of the most unusual or off beat songs that might possibly appeal to that special Grinch in your life.

The first is from The Kinks

Weird Al and Christmas at Ground Zero....going to a mall the day before Christmas is exactly this experience. Those of us born between 1940-2000 can tell you of the glory days of the local mall or big city department store and the frenzy of people around them. People would shop and sometimes treat each other like it was their last day on Earth.

Yogi Yorgesson -The Christmas Party is about an old fashioned office Christmas party, you know the kind your father or grandfather would have attended in the 40s and 50s. Harry Stewart is the real name of the performer. I wrote about him a few holiday seasons ago.

You don't find too many too many radio stations that would play one of these during this time of year, let alone all three. If you're looking for non traditional Christmas music these three songs are as non traditional as you can get.
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