Down the Ballot

Thursday, December 26, 2013

On the Road to 2015

In just a few days the race to 2015 begins. 2015 would  traditionally be known in political science
circles as the 'Hidden Primary', though pundits and the public have been speculating about who is going to replace President Obama since he won re-election in 2012. The Hidden Primary is the year prior to the first ballot or caucus when candidates announce, and raise funds to get in that precious top tier status or become a media darling. There will plenty of them running around the country by then, there is at least a dozen+ in each major party and various third parties considering a run.

By November 2014, the campaigns on the ball to get going will already start to get staffing questions settled and going through the recommendations of folks who worked on state and local campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire in 2014. If you want to work on a presidential campaign in the Iowa Caucus or New Hampshire Primary in 2016; the place to start is volunteering or working on a local race in 2014 in those states.

 I look at my wall of buttons and see all the ghosts of campaigns past and know that by this time in 2016 they'll be another 20 buttons on the wall. It's a cruel cycle at times, but we always seem to survive to do again in four years.
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