Down the Ballot

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Bill Moyers

Here is a great interview done by Bill Moyers with Neil deGrasse Tyson on our Dark Universe and the latest insights on the New Cosmos series.

Brent Spiner was a Class Act in Portland

Brent Spiner appeared for one night only at Portland's Roseland Theater last night and it was a performance not to be missed. I bought a VIP ticket and awaited my chance to see one of the great stars of Star Trek preform. There was great music by the band assembled, he had "Brad" from Glee at piano that helped create a playful atmosphere with Brent and the audience. I sure wish there had been a program that included the names of the band members, they deserve some credit for a great job.

The main theme of the evening was to see Brent Spiner, as you have never seen him before. As someone who doesn't get out to sci-fi and comic-con conventions this was indeed true, as it may have been for many people. I saw folks of all ages, the oldest person I saw must have been in her 70s or 80s. He sang, danced and told stories about meeting famous people when he was younger. As with all good storytellers you never know what is true or what is true for purposes of entertainment. Either way, it was delightful and very biographical. It was in all sense a musical biography. There was a question and answer break where the audience got to ask questions. Brent answered a few and then a certain Michael Dorn asked a question. I can't remember, but his name sounds familiar...He got Brent to do his famous Patrick Stewart impression that has delighted fans for many years.

Brent talked about life growing up in Houston and attending what the locals and students referred to as "Hebrew High", his mostly Jewish high school. Being raised by a single mom and putting up with her music tastes of Robert Goulet, and his brother. From there he continued to go onto other firsts in his life, all the way to his first child. I won't share too much more, if he does this show again you'll have to go see it or buy a dvd of it if they sell one. They did film the entire show, so they just might do something like that. 

Most the evening he was on stage he was a cross between at 60s lounge singer and a tent revival preacher. He spoke passionately about being one the of luckiest SOBs to have always managed to get to do things he loved and share that love with others. Love for all was one of the main themes throughout the evening. In between all the jokes, the Star Trek questions, and songs was love. A simple, universal message.