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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Power Pop & slapstick 1979 meets 2014

slapstick 1979
Was over at my friend Glen's house last weekend for a party. Great party for Marriage Equality, but that's not really what this about (Great cause by the way). Towards the end of the party as some folks were leaving and others were really just sitting down to start in on some good conversation, someone (either his wife or him) pulls out this nice vinyl EP with two songs on it. Apparently, Glen was in a band back in the late 70s and early 80s. I know from having some musical members of my family that you're pretty legit,  if back then you managed to record an EP, have a nice cover photo and actually get people to buy it.

Here is the first track called Back on the Streets...Again

The second song is called Maggie's Limousine

You'll have to wait for the VH1 Behind the Music for the full story on slapstick. I've checked around and this EP is pretty expensive if you can find one at an auction site. The least it has sold for, with a hole in a rather funny place sold for in the mid sixty dollar range.At the high end for a stock copy you can be looking at paying upwards of $200 dollars! Thankfully, a friend of Glen's has put it on youtube for your listening entertainment. I would assume they were based out of the Van Nuys area in Los Angeles, other than that I'm just guessing. 

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