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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cosmos Episode 3

Halley & Newton meeting with Hooke
I thought I wasn't going to make it last night for episode 3, but I made it with a half hour to spare. Episode 3 wove several interesting threads together to tell the story of comets. This COSMOS series has been trying very hard to take several separate threads each episode and weave them into one story. This episode was about more than just comets or Edmund Halley. It was about taking our skeptical and mystical past and recognizing the moment we overcame the fear of what we didn't understand.

I especially loved the critique of modern society and how people like Jan Oort are largely ignored or unrecognized by the vast majority; yet, most of know details about mass murders, and other similar personalities that did not contribute any where near the level of accomplishments that of Oort.

The other fun note was the plug for cannabis smack dab in the middle of the episode! What a hoot.  Sagan would have been pleased.

De Historia piscium is a wonderful book. Please buy it to support COSMOS ;)

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