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Friday, March 7, 2014

Fisher Postcard

In the last post I shared my reactions to getting a postcard advertising a upcoming television program on NBC. Here is the actual postcard. Like one person on the previous post had shared, I too believe that postcards can still be effectively used to communicate ideas, and generate hype for important causes. We use them all the time in political campaigns to direct your attention to candidates and events.

Maybe I'm just not getting the visual metaphor of the classic tv family having dinner in a pool of water. I know from looking up the premise that the father character is blind. Is this postcard trying to tell me that all of them are blind to what's going on around them in one way or another? Is that were the show is going to get laughs?

After this campaign is over in my area next week, I'm sitting down to watch one of the episodes. Trying my best to keep an open mind. This still isn't what I would have considered an adorable postcard. Perhaps if the dog had been the focus instead of a family dining in water...also didn't like the fake return address on the back. They could have instead put the studio address and encouraged other Fishers to send back a postcard response.

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