Down the Ballot

Monday, March 3, 2014


I've been waiting for some political buttons to arrive in the mail and went out to the mailbox today to see if they had arrived and found something rather odd instead. A postcard from The Fishers. It turns out a show is coming to NBC or has arrived on NBC called Growing Up Fisher. It is co-produced by some folks: including Jason Bateman, and David Schwimmer. The postcard reads "all of us Fishers have to stick together! Can't wait to see you Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC." 

The photo on the front includes the family sitting at a table in a pool of water. Did the house flood or something? It got me curious enough to go look them up on Wikipedia. The premise of the series is listed... I kid you follows: A kid grows closer to his family after his parents divorce and his blind father gets a guide dog named Elvis. 

How desperate do you have to be for viewers in the age of social media that you resort to a postcard campaign to advertise your show? I can just imagine NBC having David Schwimmer running a phone bank from some basement at NBC. 

"Yeah, Hello Mr. Fisher, this is David Schwimmer. You might remember me, I was on Friends...a show, I didn't get a spinoff. The network thought my character was too...that's besides the point. I'm calling you about this show you might have gotten our postcard about? Do you think you could watch it....No, Matthew Perry is in no way involved with this show hello? Mr. Fisher??" 

I suppose I'll go watch the first episode before I cast my final judgement.  Already the idea of having to advertise with a postcard just really makes me wonder if this gonna be around at all in a year. Like, if it was a good and an NBC/COMCAST thing...why haven't I see any ads for it? Must See TV has taken a hit over the past decade. 

Do I long for the days of Seinfeld? You bet. My entire NBC attention can be boiled down to one show: Parks and Recreation. Give me more of that NBC. 30 Rock went away, and Community just isn't the same anymore. I know you've tried your best since you lost Brandon Tartikoff...and you've had some luck here and there, but it just hasn't been enough. So many networks, so many shows, you're getting lost in the mix. 

ALF, The A-Team, Cheers, Night Court, Seinfeld, Wings, Miami Vice, 30 Rock....the list goes on of great NBC  comedy. Get to it already.
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