Down the Ballot

Friday, May 9, 2014

Community is Done.

Has anyone else been secretly wishing this show to end since Season 3? Seems like it got way more life than it should have naturally had. NBC finally did what had to be done. The sadness I feel is the type of sad you get when tossing your favorite t-shirt that has faded and thinned due to excessive washing. There will be other shirts and other shows. You know you can't get those stains out anymore.

I liked the first two season for the most part, and they had me tuning in to watch regularly, but after that long hiatus, something about the quality just took a dive. Can't place it to be honest with you. I still found about half the episodes funny in the remaining two seasons. It just wasn't consistent. I was no longer watching them the night of and instead waited several days or even weeks before I would watch them on demand.

I did think the addition of John Oliver was great, but the stories (if you can call them stories) just didn't hold up anymore.

The show at times in the most recent seasons was a shadow of itself. We will miss you and hopefully dvd prices will go down so we can then again find joy in our study group.
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