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Friday, May 16, 2014

Good Year for Portland

I rarely write about sports of any kind. As a bowler with 20+ years under my belt, I don't have anything that enlightening to say on the lanes. I just go do my thing. I know very little about basketball. I can recognize a foul here and there, but I keep up with the game as best I can. You pick up things as you watch. The year has been very good to Portland Trailblazers fans. Very good. We made it to round two of the playoffs. Who saw that one coming?

I was attending a game with a friend and he has some season tickets. We were invited to some function where the team management come in and give some free beer and talk to you about the upcoming year. Changes and whatnot. While some of the people around me were diving deep into all the cool sports statistics, I was asked what I thought about the team.

Taking a swig of my beer, I responded that I see a real difference in the city and fans than in previous years.  People were generally excited about the team. There was a good energy developing from the start of the season. When the Blazers do good. The city does good. That energy is transferable. The economy may suck, people may be out jobs, but if the team is doing well fans and the city seem in better spirits.

It is an amazing difference between this year and a decade ago when the Trailblazers were known throughout PDX and the media as the 'Jailblazers'. It was around this time that many Portland fans that had grown up in the 90s watching the team do so well were left scratching their heads at the antics of the players. Down came our childhood posters of Clyde Drexler and there was suddenly nothing to replace them...until now.

People seem genuinely excited about the potential of our Portland team. I emphasis team, because it does really seem like they are a team this year. They are not a group of rouges out for their own immediate benefit. That's why I've been excited to tune back into games and even attend a few. PDX made it to round two of the playoffs. Let's give this team another season and see how far they make it next year.

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