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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jason Carter Running for Governor

I had no idea Jason Carter was running for governor...ok, well I had some idea. I was on facebook and saw some people post about it. Seems like it would be a pretty interesting campaign. I played around with some slogans. If you come up with a good one, I'll post it up.
Mel Brooks played a pretty good GUV so why not Jason too.
Regan doesn't have anything on Jason.
Come on...You think I could stop myself?
 I wish Jason the best of luck. Actors have done well in American politics in the past. There are a lot of shared aspects between his natural leanings and politicking. He likes going to parties, having drinks, meeting new people, telling stories. Well that's all a campaign is really. Telling your story...and then milking people for time and money :) If you win you gotta do a bunch of work, but at least if he's elected Governor he'll have a lot of help.

 He would not be the first Babylon 5 actor to pursue public office. Jerry Doyle ran for Congress and Bruce Boxleitner played a Governor of New York on tv.

See you on the hustings! No rotten boroughs here.

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