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Thursday, July 3, 2014

GSY: Fairest of Them All

I finally blocked some time out to watch episode 3 from the Star Trek Continues team. I think it was by far the best episode yet. It takes place right after the events of the classic TOS episode 'Mirror, Mirror' (MM). Fairest of Them All feels like a natural conclusion to the events of MM.

Spock vs Kirk is always a great dynamic. It allowed for a lot of action and intrigue that had not been seen in the first two episodes. The chess discussion is by far the best exchange in the entire episode.

I particularly enjoy that this sets us up for yet another episode. Does the evil Captain Kirk ever get his revenge on Spock? Guess we'll have to kick some love and funds towards Star Trek Continues if we want to find out.

Check it out for yourself.

Did you hear the voice of the computer? How cool is that!
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