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Monday, July 7, 2014

GSY: X-Men Days of Future Past

So...this is sorta late of a movie review. I don't know what happened. I thought I had posted this. Was going through my drafts and it seems like I never hit 'post' so you get this review back to back with 22 Jump Street and Godzilla. Summer is movie season for me, expect a few more Go Screen Yourself reviews so I can catch up.

X-Men has always had an appealing main story element that seems to pull me in every time they put out a movie. Good people trying to do good for people who dislike them based on who they are. While I have generally been disappointed by most of the films after X2 (2003), a friend talked me into going to this. In all fairness, Patrick Stewart has tremendous appeal to me as a Trekkie, so I didn't need much arm twisting.

After Winter Soldier, I was at least optimistic about this film. My optimism paid off this time. It was a fantastic film, that is still making money for the studio. This film is still in theaters and it came out in May!

As far as time travel films go, this one broke the big rule from my philosophy thesis on Temporal Ethics. The X-Men purposefully went back in time to alter the future. Regardless of the good intentions of their actions, they still robbed individuals from choosing their own futures freely. Though, take out all the philosophy and you have a great way to breathe new life into your franchise. You get to kill all your characters once and then get them back five minutes later. How great is that?

The story, while predictable, was told well enough that you didn't care that you knew what they were going to do. You may have known the destination, but the trip is what was ultimately satisfying. Seeing Stewart and McKellen both sharing the same scenes was great. I'll forgive the lack of explanation that brings back Sir Patrick to the film series. If you want to explore that, there are plenty of Marvel fan  forums to do that in.

 Hugh Jackman as always, gave us a performance worthy of Wolverine. The break out character of the first film back in 2000, Jackman has continued to mature the character through each film. Whatever strange drug or ritual he participates in to never appear to age he should market to spas and health clubs.

I don't know what Halle Berry did to the writers that got her so little screen time, but she needed more of it in this film. Ellen Page and Jennifer Lawrence really shined. Peter Drinklage also caught my attention. His character had this mix of resentment and fear that really came though his acting.

All in all, a solid story and great acting. They have breathed new life into this franchise and I can't wait to see the next one. 

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