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Thursday, July 3, 2014

SNL Top 10 Hosts for Season 40 (10-5)

40 years. SNL turns 40 next season. Folks my parents age have seen it all. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu so have I (well most of it anyway). I was just looking over my Top 10 hosts for Season 39 and wondering what the folks at Saturday Night Live have planned for Season 40. Will there be a big anniversary special? Will hosts and cast members of the past 40 years be making some big guest spots throughout the season? I sure hope so. In that hope, here is my list of my first 5 of  10 ideal hosts for Season 40.

10. The Not Ready for Prime Time Players
George Cole, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd, Garret Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Harry Shearer.

Give them all one episode during the season. Let do whatever they want.

9. Chris Pratt
I think Chris is ready for SNL. He is by far the break out star of NBC's Parks and Recreation. With his growing feature film work (Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming Jurassic World) he's on his way to bigger roles and we're ready to see more comedy out of him.

8. Eddie Murphy
Come on already.

7. Gillian Jacobs
If there was someone from the recently cancelled NBC show Community I still want to see more of, it would be Jacobs. She's funny and I hope with the freeing up of her schedule she will get more opportunities to show us.

6. Offer another 'ANYONE CAN HOST SNL' Contest to viewers. It could be an American Idol search for SNL only for comedy. Miskel Spillman would be proud. In 25 words or less viewers should be allowed to tell Loren why they should get to host.

5.Candice Bergen
Still a funny lady after all these years. The first woman to reach the five timers circle needs to come back to center stage.
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