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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Rest of My Top 10 Hosts for SNL 40

Back in July I wrote about my 10-5 and I sorta got distracted with looking for work and the new job so I finally have a few minutes here to write about the remaining picks.

I was very pleased to see Season 40 open with one of the folks I have really wanted to see host the show. This just seems to be Chris Pratt's moment. Hope he continues his success. The recent tribute to Jan Hooks was good. She was a member of the Hartman era cast. I'm not sure what exactly happened to her after SNL. I can recall her in 3rd Rock from the Sun and 30 Rock but not much else. Tina Fey commented that Hooks deserved a bigger post SNL career

My favorite skit of hers was one she did with Alec Baldwin. She played a waitress in some small hick town where the locals just sit around eating. Baldwin plays some slick country guy and they both lace their speech with very crude sexual innuendos. It is only like five or six minutes long but just a hilarious kind of dirty that you can only get away with in place like that. I found the transcript.

Cowboy: [ in control ] You got coffee?

Brenda: [ taps a cup on the counter ] Got a cup?

Cowboy: You think you can fill it?

Brenda: Think you can handle it?

Cowboy: I can handle a menu!

Brenda: [ gives him a menu ] First look is free.

Cowboy: I ain't paid for looking yet!

I agree with Fey that she should have had a bigger career.

It has been nice to see some of the hosts like Bill Hader, Jim Carrey, and Chris Rock on the line up for the early part of the season. Here are my last four.

4.  Paul Scheer
Paul's career has the makings of an 'everyperson' or 'everyman' of comedy. There doesn't seem to be any limits to his ability to try new things. I see him on FXX and the Leauge and Adult Swim all the time. He has a background from Uptight Citizens Brigrade and something like SNL would be a good fit for this fresh comedic actor.

3. Larry David
Come on Larry. This is not the SNL you left.

2. Melissa Rauch
Melissa has a great comedic style that I think should be allowed to shine more than her current role on the Big Bang Theory lets her.

1.  Norm McDonald
Probably never going to happen. There are probably other more important hosts. Yet I still would trade all the above to see him dawn that mustache and big oversized cowboy hat for Burt Reynolds one more time.
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