Down the Ballot

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rest. Rebuild. Remember.

Today my family started to say good-bye to our Great Uncle. It was a nice service. It was outside, the sun broke through the clouds, taps played. Simple and short just the way he would have liked it. All his health problems developed in the last two years of his life. Not bad when you have lived for 95 years. He was a member of that 'Greatest Generation' as Tom Brokaw so coined and made famous. He would probably have been too modest to admit it himself, but there are many times when I think that his generation may really have been the greatest.

Sure, they got some things wrong; no one is perfect.  I doubt my generation or my parents generation will ever be spoken of  as the 'Greatest Generation' if I am so lucky to reach 95. Looking at events across the country tonight makes it seem even less likely.

I can recall his concern with a society that pits groups against each other. He would ask me about these commercials he saw where they mention that veterans get certain benefits in hiring process.  He couldn't understand why a veteran should be given anymore benefit in hiring than a single mother. In his mind they should be treated fairly, and that meant treated the same. Perhaps that has been part of the price of our focus in recent decades on identity politics. We forget that while we are different, we are also the same.

Well, hopefully Tuesday will be better. Good luck friends.

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