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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens is regarded as one of the most well known writers to come from the Victorian era. His works are being read in classrooms across the world and his popular work A Christmas Carol was published in 1843. The book has NEVER been out of print since first publication. As with most creative endeavors it has spawned others to create and they have created many parodies of Christmas carol.

One of my favorites was written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis of Blackadder fame. In Blackadder's Christmas Carol they tell the story of one Ebenezer Blackadder who was supposedly the nicest man in England. Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson run a Mustache Shop and are continually sent the cries of the 'unfortunate' and are forced to give up more and more of their Christmas cheer until a visit by one of the 'ghosts' played by Robbie Coltrane, shows Blackadder what his future would be like if he was as bad as his ancestors. This makes Blackadder change his mood and become evil to get back his Christmas.

All the regular Blackadder players make cameos as either future or past versions of themselves. What I think I like most about this re-telling of the Dickens classic is it flips the typical narrative of reforming Scrooge from a miser to a goodie-good. Scrooge becomes a Miser to match the terrible society around him and the people in his life.

You can find it on Netflix or most other pay to play services. It originally aired in 1988.
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