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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sherman Christmas Price Index 2014

I have done it two years now, time to make it a third year. The Sherman Christmas Price Index, for those of you in the know is the price index for all the items mentioned in the Allan Sherman 12 Days of Christmas parody. I saw PNC Wealth Managment's break down of the classic version this year. It has gone up 1% based on the current CPI. The cost for just the 12 individual items is: $27,673.21

 Again to warn you the SCPI has very sloppy methodology, probably hit a wrong number on the calculator somewhere too but oh well. Here is the song!

1st Day: Japanese Transistor Radio:
I went to ebay again to look for this item. Lots more to choose from this year, so the first one the came up on my list was selling for $35 bucks. That's not too bad considering I saw some further down the list in the 100s of dollars. There were also some selling for 10 bucks.
2014: 35.00 ( 2013: 19.99) Great news! You have more disposable income to spend on vintage radios this year.

2nd Day: Green Polka-Dot Pajamas:
Many choices. Googled it and picked a photo that lead me to a pintrest account that lead me to a site called 'Jumpin Jammerz' which had some pjs for close to 50 bucks. They had pockets and stuff, so I guess that costs extra on pjs. 
 2014: $49.99 (2013: $20.00)

3rd Day: Calendar from my Insurance Agent:
My parents got their 'free calendar in the mail recently, I even got one from my university.

2014: Free (2013: Free)

4th Day Simulated Alligator Wallet:
The first one that popped up on Amazon this year was 44 dollars! To find out if that was a 'good deal' I compared it real alligator wallets...yup that would be a deal. The cheapest 'real' one I saw as like 90 bucks.

2014 $44.00 (2013: $9.99)

5th Day Statue of a lady, with a clock where her stomach ought to be: The FAT CHEF from 2013 is still available and still on sale! There are only 12 left according to Amazon. This years sale price seems not to be as good as 2013.

2014: $59.99 (on sale from $129.99) (2013: $59.79 (on sale from $129.99))

6th Day: Aluminum nutcracker:
Our favorite squirrel nutcracker is making a third showing on the list. The price has gone up a little bit. I bet though, if you shopped around you could find it cheaper.

2014: $16.77  (2013: $13.22)

7th Day:  Pink satin pillow with fringe all around it:
Looking around, I was able to find one for 40 bucks. Seems a little high, but it appeared to be from a specialty brand. 

2014: $40.00 (2013: $25.00)

8th Day Plastic Birdbath:
I guess last year the bird bath must have been pretty refined plastic or something. This year it was much cheaper.

2013: $19.99  (2013: $76.95)

9th Day Pair of Teakwood Shower Clogs:
Couldn't find a used pair this year, the first set I found was for nearly 25 dollars.

2014: $24.00 (2013 $8.99)

10th Day Chromium manicure scissors and lighter:
Not the most exciting of gifts, but meh.  Still a little cheaper than 2013.

2014: $25.00  (2013: $30.00)

11th Day Automatic Vegetable Slicer:
An item that seem to have dropped a bit in price is the 'as seen on tv' veggie slicer.

2014: $14.99 (2013: $42.00)

12th Day
RETURN THEM ALL (if you can) Some of these items you may not be able to return.

So the  2014 SCPI= $329.73
That is an increase of $92.77 (2013: $295.94)  from last year. Some of these items were just a little higher quality than the cheap crap used last year. If you can afford to spend 40 bucks on a pink satin pillow with fringe all around it from a store called 'The Underside of the Pillow' or just believe that when you pay a higher price for better goods you are also buying the experience of buying the pillow than more power to you.

visit the PNC site for the Christmas Price Index, some of it is pretty fun.
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